We are proud to design great tools for launching XRPL projects, develop useful and attractive services that help people run their businesses and improve their management systems.

Rocket launch is a whole ecosystem of crypto projects where you can earn and multiply your tokens, participate in interesting auctions and, of course, use modern platforms to achieve these goals.

We have developed a Telegram Bot, which is an effective marketing tool for XRPL projects. As a tipbot, it allows you to send tips to community members directly in the Telegram chat. The faucet allows users to receive a daily drop of tokens in small quantities.
We have developed an NFT auction in Telegram. This allows you to quickly sell your NFT directly in a popular messenger with an audience of hundreds of millions of users.
A new and convenient program for managing your tokens (not related to storage), for distributing them to holders, multiplying them by Burn to earn or Staking and more, compilling Richlists, generating/download SnapShots
Diamond Hands is an NFT collection that combines many utilities and passive income. NFT holders receive additional benefits when using the tools created by the Rocket Launch team, and also receive 25% of the initial sales of NFT and royalties.
  • Emergence and design of the idea
  • Token issue, launch twitter and website
  • Core team onboarding
  • Launch of new channel
  • Airdrop 1 stage
July 2022
August 2022
December 2022
Q1 2023
  • Adtools launching
  • Airdrop 2 stage
  • Big team onboarding
  • Collaborations with influencers
  • Ambassadors onboarding
  • Burn to earn program
  • XRPLTOOLS.PRO upgrading with token staking
  • NFT staking
  • Voting
Q3-Q4 2023
Q2 2023
  • Staff recruitment
  • Further development
  • XRPLTOOLS.PRO upgrading
  • 10%
    100 000 000 RLT
    reserved for Core Team rewards with freezing for 2 years and gradual unlocking at 4.166.666 per month.

    Core Team wallet
  • 20%
    200 000 000 RLT
    reserved for Big Team rewards with freezing for 2 years and gradual unlocking at 8.333.333 per month.

    Big Team wallet
  • 10%
    100 000 000 RLT
    will be distributed during the 4 stages of airdrop. 25.000.000
    in each stage.

    Wallet address for airdrop
  • 10%
    100 000 000 RLT
    is reserved for marketing and rewarding
    active community members. 

    Wallet address for rewards
  • 20%
    200 000 000 RLT
    is reserved for staking.

    Staking wallet address
  • 10%
    100 000 000 RLT
    is reserved for future partnerships with most popular projects or influencers.

    Partnerships wallet
  • 20%
    200 000 000 RLT
    reserved for CEX listings.

    Listings wallet
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Alex, CEO
Project manager/
UX/UI Designer
Rocket Launch is a blockchain technology service provider, including a web app
Blockchain-connected products and services offered by Rocket Launch are built on top of XRPL infrastructure via manual and automated integrations. Your use of Rocket Launch tools involves various risks, including, but not limited to, losses due to fluctuations in the prices of tokens that you use in Rocket Launch tools.
The Rocket Launch Token (RLT) is a utility token that is required to use the tools developed by Rocket Launch and is not an investment product.
Nothing contained herein shall be considered financial advice or recommendation to buy or sell any security, commodity, cryptocurrency, digital asset, or any other financial instrument or asset. Cryptocurrencies, digital assets, and investing have many risks, including risk of losses beyond principal investment or purchase amount. Past performance is not indicative of future results. You should be aware of all the risks associated with cryptocurrency and digital asset investing, purchasing, and transacting and seek advice from an independent licensed financial advisor.
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